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India Cricket Team Profile

Paul Gilham / Getty Images

Cricket in India has gone from a British colonial pastime to a source of great wealth and power for the nation, as well as the greatest passion of a billion people. Learn more here about the team, players, and more.

Cricket Spotlight10


An explanation of what 'jaffa' means in cricket, with notes and video examples.

Five Cricket World Cup Shocks

The greatest Cricket World Cup pleasures often come from the shocks. Here are five results that made cricket fans sit up and say, "huh?"


An explanation of what it means to 'retire hurt' or 'retire out' in cricket, including Graeme Smith's famous example.

Cow corner

A definition of the term 'cow corner' as it is used to describe an area on a cricket field, with a video example.

What It's Like To Face Genuinely Fast Bowling

Most amateur cricket players will never know what it's like to face genuinely fast bowling, but these professionals offer some insight.


A definition of the word 'infield' as it is used in cricket.


A definition of the word 'outfield' as it is used in cricket.


A description of what a bail is in cricket, how it is used, and what dimensions it should have.

The Top 10 Cricket World Cup Run Scorers

These ten batsmen left their mark on cricket's biggest stage by scoring more runs than anyone else in the tournament's history.

Day/night cricket match

An explanation of what day/night cricket is, the advantages it offers and disadvantages it produces, and its history.

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