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India Cricket Team Profile

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Cricket in India has gone from a British colonial pastime to a source of great wealth and power for the nation, as well as the greatest passion of a billion people. Learn more here about the team, players, and more.

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Angel in the IPL outfield

Thursday April 24, 2014

Steven Smith earned the nickname 'Superman' during the 2012 Indian Premier League for an amazing piece of skill on the long-on boundary.

Did you see that? Smith dived full length to his right, caught the ball one-handed as it was disappearing over the rope, and flung it back into the field of play to avoid conceding a six. Then he permitted himself to fall to the ground. Superman, indeed.

Now, in IPL 2014, Smith -- who is now a regular feature of Australia's Test match middle order and a likely future captain of the team -- has proved himself one of the best fielders around with a remarkable catch for Rajasthan Royals (RR) against Chennai Super Kings (CSK).


Pakistan cricketer flees own wedding

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Umar Akmal turned up to marry his beloved Noor Amna, daughter of Pakistani great Abdul Qadir. He looked great in an expensive sherwani and the party in Lahore continued beyond 10pm with everyone in good spirits. Everything was going to plan.

Then the police showed up.

Here's the hard word from Lahore police official Rao Ifthikar:

"The ceremony was continuing even after the given strict deadline and he also violated the food act by offering a variety of dishes to guests whereas under the law only single dish is allowed at marriage ceremonies." (Read more at NDTV)

It turns out Lahore does not allow marriage ceremonies to proceed past 10pm. More curiously, only one dish may be served at the feast -- an unpopular law brought in to curb excessive wedding celebrations, and one that the Akmal clan clearly decided to ignore.

Umar and his bride didn't wait around to see how things panned out. Soon after the police arrived, they reportedly made an exit.

Pakistan cricket fans will be hoping this latest controversy does not adversely affect the form of one of the team's best players. Umar Akmal was one of Pakistan's best performers in the recent 2014 Asia Cup and 2014 World Twenty20.

How to stop Glenn Maxwell

Tuesday April 22, 2014
Australian and Victoria Bushrangers cricket player Glenn Maxwellwww.flickr.com user NAPARAZZI

Glenn Maxwell's innings for Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) so far in the 2014 Indian Premier League (IPL) are as follows:

That's 279 runs off 131 balls in three innings, a batting strike rate of 212.98. To put that into perspective, IPL 2013's top runscorer was Michael Hussey, who hit 733 runs in 17 innings at a strike rate of 129.5. If Maxwell carries on the way he's started -- an unlikely possibility, but not unimaginable -- he could end up with more than double Hussey's total. It is arguably the most auspicious opening a player has made in an IPL season.

This is a prototype modern-day Twenty20 hitter comprised of immense upper body strength, exceptional hand-eye coordination, and breathtaking ingenuity. When he isn't mowing the ball over the mid-wicket fence, he's switch hitting it to the point boundary. Pitch it up and it smacks it over your head; bowl a bouncer and he swings it away over fine leg. A desperate question has emerged for the other IPL teams: how do you stop Glenn Maxwell?


'Ask the umpires what they think' - Taufel

Thursday April 17, 2014
Simon TaufelSimon Taufel
Gallo Images / Getty Images

Many cricket fans of the 2000s would agree Simon Taufel was the best umpire of the era. The spry and wise Australian, who was only 29 when he umpired his first Test match, developed reliability and consistency based in his constant pursuit of high standards. Umpires are so often the authority that forces a batter or bowler to grin and accept a decision, but Taufel -- who is now the ICC's umpire performance and training manager -- reckons umpires can offer players more than they might think.


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