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Barnaby Haszard Morris

Barnaby Haszard Morris

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Barnaby Haszard Morris first picked up a cricket bat aged seven and has maintained an enthusiasm for playing and watching the game ever since. He was born in the United Kingdom, grew up in New Zealand and has lived for several years in India -- all major cricket countries. Of all the things in the world, few hold more fascination for Barnaby than an immaculate cover drive or a new cricket scorecard to pore over.


Barnaby played cricket up to a youth representative level in New Zealand, idolising the fast bowling wizardry of Pakistan's Wasim Akram and the all-round game of New Zealand's Chris Harris. He finished his competitive playing days in high school but remains a keen student of all aspects of the game.

Barnaby still tries to get to live cricket matches whenever he can, but most of his interaction with the game comes through live television coverage or online match reports. And, of course, the occasional hit with friends on a weekend.


Barnaby holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

By Barnaby Haszard Morris:

My life since leaving university has seen me live and work in New Zealand, Japan, India and New Zealand again, working a variety of different jobs in contrasting environments. Throughout it all, my cricket fandom has been one of the few constants. I'll never forget the times I spent trying to follow matches on my first-generation phone between teaching classes in Tokyo, or the experience of trying to watch the World Cup in rural India amid frequent power cuts.

During my travels, I've been grateful to cricket as a way to bond with strangers. I find that people who develop a taste for the game quickly find themselves intrigued by all manner of cricket curiosities, as well as a desire to discuss them with others; long-term friendships have been forged in these discussions. I hope that cricket can offer the same value to you, and I look forward to helping you get the most out it!

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