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Cricket Culture

Cricket has attracted a wide range of articulate and colourful observers over the years, who have written a number of fine books about the game. Meanwhile, as technology advances, cricket enthusiasts are finding new ways to connect with the sport they love. You'll find here a selection of the best cricket writing, games and cricket phone apps.

Cricket and Depression
A look at high-profile cases of depression among top-level cricketers including Marcus Trescothick, Iain O'Brien, Michael Yardy, Scott Boswell, and Lou Vincent.

Review: 'On Warne' by Gideon Haigh
'On Warne' is another outstanding cricket book by by Gideon Haigh and makes the case that Shane Warne is "the greatest cricketer of our era".

International Cricket Captain 2012 Review
International Cricket Captain 2012, the latest version of Childish Things' cricket management game, offers more of the same but with a few new features.

Little Master Cricket Review
Little Master Cricket is a small, fun, and very addictive arcade cricket game for PC, Mac and iOS.

'Batting on the Bosphorus' by Angus Bell -- Review
Eastern Europe isn't exactly an international cricket powerhouse, so a book about one man's cricket tour through the region is an interesting curio. Learn more about British writer Angus Bell's journey here.

Shehan Karunatilaka's Top 10 Cricket Books
The Sri Lankan author of award-winning cricket novel 'Chinaman: the Legend of Pradeep Mathew' lists the tomes he found indispensable when researching his book.

Sidvee's Blog
US-based Sid Vaidyanathan's blog touches on various sports but it mostly devoted to an in-depth discussion of contemporary cricket issues.

The Cricket Couch
The Cricket Couch's 'Couch Talk', hosted by Subash Jayaraman, is a leading cricket podcast and covers a wide variety of cricket matters, both on and off the pitch.

Stick Cricket
One of the most popular browser-based cricket games, Stick Cricket is easy to pick up but difficult to master.

International Cricket Captain
A popular independent cricket management simulation, with season-by-season play and yearly updates.

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