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Cricket History and Traditions

Cricket supposedly dates back to the Middle Ages. Between then and now, there have been enough noteworthy teams, matches and moments to fill several volumes. Read on for a look at how the game of cricket began and how it got to where it is today.

Top 10 Most Unbeatable Cricket Records
Cricket is a game piled high with records and statistics. I've picked ten that ought to be unbeatable and stand the test of time.

5 Notorious Cricket Fights
Cricket fights are usually the result of slow-burning tension rather than an outburst of adrenaline-fuelled aggression. Here are five classics.

Ten Great Fast Bowlers In Test Cricket
Here are ten great fast bowlers from Test cricket history who combine pace, sideways movement, and accuracy to run riot against opposing batsmen.

Top Five One-Day International Matches of All Time
The top five one-day international matches of all time had drama, tension and the very best in individual performances. This list suggests a top five one-day internationals across cricket history.

Three Great Test Cricket Rearguard Actions
Test cricket produces some great rearguard actions where players had to dig deep to keep their teams in the game. Here are three of them.

Fixing in Cricket, Part One: The Disease
After a number of high profile incidents, spot fixing and match fixing have become a disease that plagues cricket, spreading doubt and cynicism.

Lord's Cricket Ground Tour
Take a tour of the world-renowned 'Home of Cricket' is Lord's Cricket Ground in London. Lord's also serves as the home ground of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which serves as guardian of the Laws and Spirit of Cricket.

Fixing in Cricket, Part Two: There Is Hope
Despite the acknowledged existence of spot fixing in cricket, match fixing of results remains improbable.

BBC Empire of Cricket: Complete Video List

Wisden Cricketers' Almanack
Wisden are the pre-eminent historians of cricket since 1864. Their Cricketers' Almanack, published once a year, is renowned enough to be known as 'the Bible of cricket'.

Hedley Verity's 10 for 10
In 1932, English spin bowler Hedley Verity produced statistically the best bowling performance in first-class cricket history: ten wickets for ten runs. The Guardian's Andy Bull looks at Verity's feat in detail.

Readers Respond: Which Cricket Records Are Unbeatable?
Out of all the records and statistics in cricket history, which records are unbeatable? Let other readers know your thoughts.

Readers Respond: Who Are The Great Fast Bowlers In Test Cricket?
Who do you think are the best fast bowlers in the history of Test cricket? Leave your answers below.

Brian Lara's 501 Not Out
The legendary Trinidadian, Brian Lara, set the world record for the highest first-class cricket score in 1994 while playing for Warwickshire. The Independent newspaper reported that Lara had joined "cricket's pantheon of greats".

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