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Skills and Tactics

Do you need help with your batting, bowling, fielding or wicketkeeping? Or are you looking for captaincy tips? Improve your cricket skills here.

What It's Like To Face Genuinely Fast Bowling
Most amateur cricket players will never know what it's like to face genuinely fast bowling, but these professionals offer some insight.

Fielding Tips: How to Form Long Barriers
A set of step-by-step instructions on how to form a long barrier, the best way of stopping a rolling cricket ball.

Fielding Tips: Orthodox Cup Catching
A set of step-by-step instructions on catching with an orthodox cup, the most basic method of catching a cricket ball.

Fielding Tips: Reverse Cup Catching
A set of step-by-step instructions on catching with a reverse cup, the best method for catching a cricket ball above chest height.

BBC Cricket Skills
The BBC's Cricket Skills archive offers a variety of hints and tips to help improve your batting, bowling and fielding technique.

Cricketing Shots Diagram
A selection of diagrams that illustrate and names a number of shots a batsman can play in cricket.

Shane Warne's Spin Bowling Class
If you want to bowl leg spin, there's no better role model than Shane Warne. In this video, he offers a range of tips on how to improve as a leg spinner.

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