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Readers Respond: Who are the great fast bowlers in Test cricket?

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  • Who do you think are the best fast bowlers in the history of Test cricket? Have a look through the options on the list (linked above), then leave your answers below. The Greatest Fast Bowlers


    Imran khan should also be included I think soo...he was one of the best test fast bowlers
    —Guest ali

    Fast bowling

    George lohmann and fred trueman's name shouldn't have been on the list because,"they both played long time ago and batsmen on those days didn't know too much how to play fast bowlers in compare to present batsmen".Steyn's name should have been on the top five in the list because he's probably better than waqar younus and wasim akram.Allan donald should also have been on the list.
    —Guest Journalist*

    missing names

    You guys are missing name of shane bond, yes he didn't play too much matches but,"whenever he played he kept batsmen on the backfoot on his own like hadley".You are also missing vernon phillander, yes he has played only around 20 matches but has also taken 100 wickets.Im sure if he keeps taking wickets like this, we will soon see him in the list.Andy roberts and joel garner would also be a right choice if they were in the list instead of wasim akaram and glenn maccgrath.
    —Guest cricket fan

    best bowler

    Steyn's name should be up in the list above waqar wasim and machgrath because he's the best pacer of his decade and he can bowl every kind of delivery and he has never had sport like waqar and curtly ambrose used to have,but still he is one of all time great,yeah you can say now vernon philander has come to the team and he is getting outstanding sport fron him but phillander came with him when had allready played above 50 matches.
    —Guest cricket fan

    The Greatest Fast Bowlers

    Who are the great fast bowlers in Test cricket?

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